The Victim Support Unit is part of Court Network a not-for-profit organisation providing support, non-legal information and referral services to people attending court in the following locations:

  • Brisbane Supreme and District and Magistrates Courts
  • Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT)
  • Townsville Supreme, District and Magistrates Courts
  • Cairns Supreme, District and Magistrates Courts

Specialised assistance is available to victims, witnesses and those supporting victims by a dedicated group of trained volunteers called Victim Support Unit Networkers. The networkers are trained to assist victims/witnesses before, during and after the court proceedings in the Magistrates, District and Supreme Courts in Brisbane and Ipswich.

The VSU is managed by an experienced victim support program manager who is able to provide:

  • Intake and assessment
  • Tailored court support plans
  • Case Management
  • Continuity of care across jurisdictions
  • Key contact point for referrals and partnerships
  • Post court debriefing
  • Supervision and coordination of VSU Networkers

The VSU Networkers are professionally trained and supervised able to provide:

  • Implementation of court support plans
  • Attendance at pre court meetings, in court and post court support
  • Provide continuous court support for victims and witnesses

Confidential referrals can be made directly to the Victim Support Unit Manager by phone or email using the Referral Form (Word doc).

The VSU can support victims/witnesses as they make their way through the court process by:

  • meeting with victims/witnesses before court to help them understand how the courts and legal system operate
  • assisting victims/witnesses to develop a court support plan
  • showing victims/witnesses around the court so they are familiar with where they have to go on the day of the court case
  • talking with victims/witnesses about any concerns they have about going to court
  • provide victims/witnesses  with a safe place in court
  • informing you of the role of each person on trial as well as court expectations and processes
  • being with victims/witnesses in court or while they are waiting to give evidence and spend some time with them after court
  • providing victims/witnesses with information about financial assistance, victim compensation and other entitlements they may have
  • providing referral information for ongoing support

VSU Networkers are not able to:

  • provide legal advice
  • provide counselling
  • provide direct financial assistance
  • provide transport
  • provide child care

VSU Networkers can support victims/witnesses in:

  • Brisbane CBD
  • Ipswich

For more information please contact the Victim Support Unit Manager here.

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