Victims or Witnesses

If you are a victim of a crime, a witness to a crime or someone supporting a victim, help is available from the Victim Support Unit.  The unit will assist you by developing an individual court support plan with a qualified program manager.  Ongoing support is provided by trained volunteers to assist you before, during and after the court proceedings.

Victim Support Unit volunteers are available in the Magistrates, District and Supreme courts in Brisbane and Ipswich.

Volunteers from the Victim Support Unit can support you as you make your way through the court process by:

  • meeting with you before court to help you understand how the courts and legal system operate
  • assisting you to develop a court support plan
  • showing you around the court so you are familiar with where you have to go on the day of the court case
  • talking with you about any concerns you have about going to court
  • provide you with a safe place in court
  • informing you of the role of each person on trial as well as court expectations and processes
  • being with you in court or while you are waiting to give evidence and spend some time with you after court
  • providing you with information about financial assistance, victim compensation and other entitlements you may have
  • providing referral information for ongoing support

Victim Support Unit Networkers can be identified by their blue lanyards.

Victim Support Unit Networkers are not able to:

  • provide legal advice
  • provide counselling
  • provide direct financial assistance
  • provide transport
  • provide child care

Contact the Victim Support Unit to request support.